Date posted: January 5, 2022


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Imagine your CV dropping on a potential employer’s desk or inbox. They start to read the first few lines and notice a spelling mistake. Maybe the CV is 5 pages long and they lose interest very quickly. How likely is it that they will just move onto the next CV in their pile?

The following steps helps to address some CV writing errors to improve your chances of obtaining an interview!


Your CV is an advertisement of yourself. If you saw a bloated advert full of information with long descriptions, how likely will you continue to read?

A CV has the exact same principle. The countless CV’s employers may read through, you need to be to the point and sharp on the facts that they need to know!

The font should be clear, not to big or small and easy to read bullet points rather than long paragraphs of text.


Having a CV full of spelling errors will hinder your success with obtaining an interview. Even grammatical errors may harm your chances. Make sure you proof read the entire CV and then get a second person to look over too. Using a word processor with spellcheck should be standard practice.


It’s probably a good idea to have a dedicated professional email address for your CV. You want to come across as professional as possible and having an email address you created for fun that has no relation to your name for example, may not come across well. Keeping things formal will show your career aspirations and intentions, even if the employer doesn’t actively think about it.


YOU GOT AN INTERVIEW, GREAT! MAYBE YOU GOT THE JOB! What would you do if they ask for evidence of a qualification, that you know you fabricated to obtain this opportunity? It goes without saying, that your CV should reflect your true professional self, not a description of a person you wish to look like!

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