Date posted: February 8, 2022

Donna Goodwin – Managing Director

Meet The Team


Favourite meal

Anything from pizza by Goli, our local Italian or slow cooked lamb shanks with mint sauce

If you could be anywhere in the world where would it be

On a beach with the sun on my face

Favourite holiday destination

Tenerife, although our Family trip to Lapland was one of my favourite Holidays ever!



Any pets?

The cutest dog called Lola who`s a Zuchon, she`s almost 4 and a very old rescue cat called Sooty who is 19!

Family life

Married to Mike with two children, Ricky and Olivia, and close to my whole family and have my parents, sisters and cousins round weekly for dinner.

Favourite tipple

Vodka with lots of ice and slimline tonic, although I am very partial to a Pornstar Martini

Favourite season

All of them – Winter as it’s Christmas, Autumn as it’s Halloween and starting the build-up to Christmas, Summer as its warm and sunny, and Spring because we have Easter and the knowledge that Summer is on it’s way!

What did you want to do as a career when you were at school

An Accountant, although always wanted my own business, so starting in Recruitment over 25 years ago led me to open up Midas almost 20 years ago.


I love cooking and entertaining at home and have been known to make a cocktail or two! As I adore food so much I enjoy going to Michelin Star restaurants as a treat. I also enjoy having adventures and travelling with my Family, we have a list of places to go and things to see over the next few years. It is also great to get back to the Theatre and attend concerts, something which I do with friends and Family as often as possible. 

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