Date posted: February 2, 2022

Finding The Right Career for You.

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Trying to find the right career for you. It’s like picking your lifelong partner.

You’ve never been interested in this or that, and things have just never fallen into place in your mind & heart. But you want it. 

Your dead-end job seems to have no light at the end of the tunnel, and you are just working day by day aimlessly. 

What if I told you, finding the right career is easy.

1. Be open minded

To begin with, you need to open your mind to the possibility that you might fit a role you don’t see yourself in. Don’t reject an idea, just because you don’t picture yourself doing it. Being open to new things expands our knowledge and opens doorways that may remain locked if we have a negative outlook. 

2. List your strengths 

Start with the basics. List all your positive attributes and be true to yourself. This will give you a bedrock into understanding yourself and your position in the job market. 

3. Start to compare 

Now with your strengths, look at what job roles might match you. A great speaker – maybe a job in customer service for example? You get the idea. Simple stuff right? 

4. Research

Do they need qualifications? What is day-to-day life like? Start to look closer into each career and assess your options. You never know what might jump out at you. 

5. Set Goals

If you’ve made that decision on what you want to do, now it’s time to set realistic goals to achieve. Work out the direction you need to go in. Find jobs in those sectors and start a plan to work your way up. 

6. Not Figured it out?

It’s okay. Some people don’t realise what they want to do in their career until later. Keep at it, keep searching for your passion and don’t give up!

To be curious in life is to learn new things. 

To be open minded is to fall in love with something you never thought was for you. 

To be devoted and to reap the rewards.

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